Moving Mountains: Why Colorado Springs Is The Height Of New Business

Business in Colorado Springs

East of the Cheyenne Mountain, tucked away in the shadow of Pikes Peak is Colorado’s 2nd largest city, Colorado Springs – a home-rule municipality, economic hub, and major tourism destination attracting people (and business) from all over the country. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start fresh or relocate, read on to discover some of the city’s key benefits.


With 2% lower housing expenses and utility prices 26% below the national average, Colorado Springs offers its denizens an uncommonly affordable cost of living. This is a key reason why so many young workers have recently flocked to the city, looking for a more cost-efficient way of life – great news for business owners who want to hire new or get on board early with a high-potential economy.


If you like charming suburbs, mountain views, and a fit, outdoorsy way of life, then Colorado Springs is sure to suit you. This is a city but it often has the feel of a large suburb, with friendly neighbors and lots of space. You’ll also find a thriving business ecosystem that enjoys a ‘business casual’ approach and several non-profit organizations, which facilitate fledgling businesses. These include:

  • Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center
  • Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
  • COS Open for Business

Quality of Life

At 6,035ft elevation, the first thing you might notice about Colorado Springs is the fresh mountain air. The city often ranks amongst the best in the country for air quality with readings that rival most rural locations. Those who live in the city turn up for work on Monday refreshed after weekends spent hiking, fishing, sightseeing, and clearing their minds in outdoor locations such as:

  • Garden Of The Gods
  • Pikes Peak
  • Manitou Springs
  • Royal Gorge


Despite its cool climate, Colorado Springs is a hot point for education. It boasts 5 National Security Agency Centers of Academic Excellence (high-quality universities) and over 15 K-12 school districts. Better still, over 40% of the residents in Colorado Springs have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher (the 12th highest rate in the country), meaning that businesses in the area can expect intelligent, academically-inclined work hires. Its most esteemed institutes include:

  • Colorado College
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Colorado Technical University


The Colorado Springs economy is built around powerful aerospace, electronics, military, and tourism markets. This last sector alone generates over $2.4 billion in yearly revenue, resulting in over $100 million of local tax receipts. With such a diverse economy, it’s no wonder that the city has remained stable throughout the pandemic and rebounded in 2021 to surpass its sales tax revenues from two years prior.


Whether you’re interested in a city apartment or a mountain chalet, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Colorado Springs. The city is currently enjoying historically low mortgage rates and homeowners have been leaping at the opportunity to splash out on hand-crafted local furniture and appliances.

Business Quick-Start Checklist

Ahead of a move to Colorado Springs, you’ll want to make sure your business is ready off the bat. That could mean spending some time focusing on refining your brand, whether with a new website or graphic logo design. Instead of paying for services, it’s worth looking at graphic logo design makers online, which will allow you to choose a style and an icon and insert any text you need.

If you had a hunch that Colorado Springs would make a great business location, follow it. This alpine city is getting better with each passing year and is tough to beat for healthy, happy, and hardworking people.

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