Covid Precautions in Real Estate

Covid Precautions in Real Estate

We are still taking covid precautions in real estate. It’s been nearly a year since the onset of COVID, and with the new vaccine finally here, there is hope for the future. However, we are still taking precautions for our clients in the real estate industry. We want you to know that we care about the health and safety of our clients, so we continue to take a variety of precautions to protect everyone. 

It might seem scary to list your house for sale right now and allow a bunch of strangers to view it, but in reality, we are taking a lot more steps towards sanitation than ever before. We don’t allow overlapping showings, so that there are not multiple people from different families in the home at the same time. We require masks to be worn and shoes to be removed or booties put over the shoes. We highly encourage the use of hand sanitizer and do not allow showings to anyone who is symptomatic. Oftentimes, we have clients drive separately to showings so that agents and clients are able to social distance. 

Virtual-Friendly Real Estate

  • Use of virtual and extended virtual tours
  • Curbside closings available
  • Electronic documents/contracts


  • The use of gloves/masks/booties
  • Frequent hand washing/ use of hand sanitizer
  • Wiping surfaces
  • No showings to anyone symptomatic
  • Limiting number of people in Open Houses
  • No overlapping showings

Despite everything, we have had record-breaking sales and demand for homes in our area. We have struggled with a lack of inventory, especially during COVID. We are hoping that as the economy begins to open back up and the vaccine is readily available, more people will be willing to list their home for sale. Regardless, we are continuing to serve our clients as safely as possible during this time. Check out how to buy a house during a pandemic!

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