February Stats for Forest Meadows

Home prices in Forest Meadows

Real estate February Stats for Forest Meadows in CO Springs are interesting this month. While home sales were down slightly in February compared to last year, prices are still going up.

The median price was up 9.7% at $368,700 and the average price was up 8.3% at $365,740.

Even better still, homes are selling really fast in our neighborhood with an average of 2 days on the market. That’s FAST!

There are 15 homes pending as of 3/2/2020 and 1 home currently for sale.

Also, homes sold in February ranged in price from $330,000 to $412,000.

The average size of homes sold in Forest Meadows was 2,740 sq ft, making the selling price per square foot $139.

The overall real estate market in Colorado Springs struggles with a lack of inventory. There is only a 1.13 month supply of homes in the entire Pikes Peak Region. This is even less if you are looking for a home with a Colorado Springs mailing address.

Looking at just homes with a Colorado Springs mailing address, there are only 553 homes for sale as of March 1st.

Consequently, the shortage of homes is putting pressure on sales as there just aren’t enough homes to sell! Buyers have less options and more competition. However, this is a good thing for sellers because of the high demand and lack of competition. So if you are even THINKING of selling, NOW is the time!

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