Forest Meadows Real Estate Stats YTD

Forest Meadows Real Estate Stats YTD

Forest Meadows Real Estate Stats YTD show that real estate is heating back up in our neighborhood after a slower May (due to COVID) with 21 homes pending sale as of July 1st! Looking at our neighborhood year-to-date, home prices are up quite a bit over last year (January 1st – June 30th). The average price is up nearly 10.4% at $379,722 and the median price is up 8.7% at $375,000! Not to mention the average list price to actual sale price is 100.79%, meaning, on average, sellers are getting above asking price.

Despite sales being down slightly, with 68 homes sold this year vs 80 last year, the average time on market is only 4 days! With so many pending sales, we might catch up to last year before the summer is over! 

Several records were broken in June for the entire Pikes Peak Region. We had record-breaking prices with an average of $401,981 and a median of $360,000!

There was record low inventory for a July 1st, with only 1,478 homes for sale, or roughly a 0.88 month supply (or 26 days!). Our area continues to struggle with a shortage of homes for sale. 

Pending sales for the area are in the top 3 high numbers, at 2,643 homes! Overall sales are up just slightly over last year, at 2.0%. While we have not sold as many homes year-to-date as last year, we are extremely close, and with so many pending sales, we could likely catch up or surpass last year. 

The numbers, overall, look pretty great. If we had more homes to sell, they could probably look a little better, but as of right now, real estate is still doing very well in the Pikes Peak Region.

As unemployment continues to fall, and more businesses reopen, we may see even more activity through the summer. Interest rates still remain at record lows, increasing purchasing power for buyers.

We also have more detailed statistics for our neighborhood, including quarterly stats.

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