Vollmer Pit Changes Hands

Are changes coming to the north side of our neighborhood (just north of Vanderwood Road)? It appears the land is going to be reclaimed and developed for residential purposes, which could affect homes within 200 feet of the site. Some homes have already received notices, but many have not.

Below we have attached some documents (pdf) for your reference regarding this. Included in the documents is a Structure Agreement you can look over. Stay tuned for updates as we find them out!

So, what is going to happen at the Vollmer Pit?
That is pretty simple – it is going to be reclaimed. The landowner is assuming the existing pennit from Schmidt Construction and will be doing the reclamation according to their plans. Those plans are for residential development. To develop this permitted site, land will need to be disturbed in the development process. Thus the need for the Structure Agreement. The future reclamation plan for the pit itself will first need to be approved by the local government. That will then provide the foundation for the plan to be included in an amendment to the State of Colorado Reclamation Permit for the Vollmer Pit M-1983-035 issued by the Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Board.

For more information:

Mark Heifner
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