Forest Meadows Real Estate Stats June 2021

Forest Meadows Real Estate Stats June 2021
Forest Meadows Real Estate Stats June 2021 show double digit price increases once again. This neighborhood in Colorado Springs is no exception to the price appreciation. The average price rose 17.9% to $467,625. The median price rose 15.7% to $462,500. Looking back just 2 years ago, the average price in Forest Meadows was $352,659. In just two years, the average has increased nearly $115! Homes continue to sell very fast in our neighborhood with an average time on market of only 3 days! Most astonishing is that homes in Forest Meadows & The Trails sold for 6.4% above asking price on average last month. So if you are thinking of selling in our neighborhood, NOW is the time! As of 7/1, there are 4 homes for sale and 18 homes pending. Real estate is crazy in Forest Meadows right now!
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As for the region as a whole, real estate in Colorado Springs June 2021 broke price records yet again! The average sold price crossed the $500k threshold and hit a record high of $502,962 up 25.1% (or over $100,000!) from last June. The median sold price hit a record high of $450,000 which is up 25.0% (or $90,000!) from last year. Experts expect homes to continue to rise in price throughout the rest of the year.

The good news is that we saw the slightest increase in inventory. As of July 1st, there were 775 homes for sale. While this is down 51% from last year, it is up nearly 200 homes from last month. 200 homes may not be much, but anything helps our current inventory shortage. We are sitting at a 0.43-month supply of homes, or roughly 13 days. It will take a while for our inventory to catch up to buyer demand, however, at least this a small step in the right direction and there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for buyers struggling to find a home.

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