Home Maintenance Schedule

Ever wonder if you should be doing more to preserve your home? Check out this handy maintenance schedule for some helpful reminders to keep your house in tip-top shape!


  • Inspect and change HVAC filters
  • Clean kitchen sink disposal
  • Inspect fire extinguishers
  • Clean range hood filters
  • Clean garbage can


  • Test smoke/ carbon monoxide detectors
  • Test garage door sensors and auto-reverse feature


  • Give your home a deep clean (walls, baseboards, basement, etc).
  • Replace batteries in smoke/ carbon monoxide detectors

To Do Each Season Annually:


  • Clean out gutters
  • Check exterior of home for cracks, damage, etc.
  • Service your AC
  • Replace damaged window screens
  • Remove dead plants, flowers
  • Turn on sprinkler system
  • Drain water heater
  • Clean around AC compressor


  • Check for pests and consider a pest control plan
  • Clean out garage
  • Clean dryer and exhaust vents
  • Repair back patio as/if needed
  • Repair bathroom grout
  • Clean/replace showerheads
  • Clean/inspect grill
  • Wash windows
  • Add mulch
  • Inspect playground equipment
  • Pressure wash home is needed
  • Touch up paint
  • Inspect and repair fence


  • Check for leaks/creaks near windows and doors
  • Get chimney cleaned and inspected if applicable
  • Check driveway for cracks
  • Disconnect all hoses from house
  • Check for roof damage before winter comes
  • Winterize sprinkler system


  • Tune up furnace
  • Reverse ceiling fans
  • Make sure downspouts have extensions to keep water away from foundation
  • Test sump pump
  • Gather supplies for storm outages
  • Trim tree limbs to avoid breakage from snow
  • Protect patio furniture
  • Stock up on sand/salt